What is Constant Gap Theory (CGT)?

Well, Constant Gap Theory (CGT) is a theory on AI singularity.

AI singularity is a kind of prediction which claims that Artificial Intelligent will reach human level sooner.

Human level means think like human or act rationally.

If we take ‘human level’ in terms of efficiency, AI has already reached it by its functionality or efficiency. Even it has crossed already in some areas.

AI non-enthusiastics will say it as mere weak AI. Generating thoughts and doing creativity is exclusively a human enterprise.

According to them, strong or super-intelligent AI is not ontologically possible.

Their argument for the inevitable shortcoming or limitation of AI systems is something like this:

Human level of intelligence has developed more sophisticatedly, at least parallelly as of AI. Man has discovered so many new fields which were not unknown in the past human standard of intelligentsia.

So, human level of intelligentsia, which is called ‘singularity’ is not closed or fixed. Because, human potentiality is unpredictable.

What will happen in the future or has happed in the past or present, is not an issue to debate. Yet philosophy engages in the understanding of something which others are yet to materialize.

In this process of philosophizing, AI enthusiasts are crazily ‘predicting’ that future science will create Super Men who will not be necessarily biological that we call natural.

There is no guarantee that these so-called Super Intelligent entities or future robots will be friendly to us. So, AI development may cause the extinct of human race from planet earth.

Constant Gap Theory (CGT) is the cooling medicine to such eccentric horrific anxieties.

CGT is workable both in theistic and atheistic lines of thought.

From theistic point of view, man is the best creation of God. So, no entity can supersede the best one. From atheistic point of view, man is undoubtedly the choice of nature. Natural selection has ‘favored’ man to build this magnificent civilization.

no worry. let’s do AI. it will never dominate us. man is the best creation of God or best choice of mother nature. I believe in unlimited human potentialities. Don’t you?

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