Trend Following Trap

Try to be a trend setter. At least, follow your own style. Don’t be a trendy person. Social media trends are superficial, and only the upper waves. Try to be with the underneath mainstream.

For long time, I am active in social media. But I hardly participate in social media trends. Because, I don’t like to see me as a trendy person.

I have very specific interests, and have my own issues and agenda.

A trendy person is a populist one, who fails to concentrate in anything at all. He never takes anything seriously other than the trend.

Everyone should sail from his own port and should anchor at some convenient goal.

A person with half-maturity satisfaction can never achieve proper maturity in any matter. So, please speak only after you understand anything properly.

A person speaks in every issue, actually don’t have anything to say of his or her own.

I’d like to speak my conscience. I think, doing troll and showing agreeableness are actually harmful to develop and maintain a healthy personality.

Take care of your personality before you care other person’s wrongdoing and mistakes.

Live your own life.

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